Our founder, Stephen Boettcher, was fascinated by surface finishing.  He recognized the limitations of the existing finishing equipment and methods.  This recognition drove him to invent and his patented inventions revolutionized the industry.

Mr. Boettcher was focused on helping customers achieve astonishing surface flatness and finishes.  He believed that customers could achieve extraordinary results if they could utilize the same production and inspection equipment.  Mr. Boettcher built a very successful organization that manufactured and distributed his patented surface finishing equipment.

It did not take long for Mr. Boettcher to realize that providing customers capable equipment was not the best solution for achieving the customer’s surface finish requirements.  It was then he pivoted and switched to providing surface finishing services.

Abrading Methods has been providing these contract surface finishing from the same Elgin, Illinois location for more than thirty years.

We continue to pioneer the high stock removal flat lapping and polishing processes!  Utilizing our specialized equipment and proprietary processes we continue to help customers achieve their surface finish requirements.

We work aggressively to constantly improve our infrastructure, equipment, processes, methods, personnel, and systems.